Emaze Review: looks to replace PowerPoint and Prezi as the premier presentation platform

Emaze Review

Presentations have become an essential tool these days, both inside and outside of business.
Whether its creating presentations for school or for the office, presentations make up a critical component in the process of communicating ideas to a target audience, as well as to impress upon them an image about the presenter; creative, professional, etc.

And yet, within the world of presentations, the technology has changed very little in recent years. Today, there are two key tools for creating presentations. One is of course Microsoft PowerPoint, the software behind 93% of presentations. PowerPoint has been part of the Microsoft Office suite for 20 years, and in the course of this time, not much has changed conceptually with their product. It remains the same tool that presents customized slides, one after the other. The second is Prezi, a Hungarian startup whose popularity has grown quickly over the past two years, boasting a million users a month. Prezi brings a slightly different concept to the notion of presentations.

Emaze prides themselves on allowing you to easily create spectacular visual presentations, simple and fast.

Once you register with e-mail address and password, you’re ready to start building your first presentation.

Of course you have to decide which plan you want: Free, Pro or Emazing. Choose and you’ll be immediately presented with an excellent selection of good quality templates — from fun to professional-looking.

Emaze caters to a more basic user base, mainly those who currently use PowerPoint and want better results and more visualization. One of the biggest benefits of Emaze is its ease of use. A user can easily build sophisticated presentations with little effort. The company’s vision was to free up users from having to spend time studying and preparing the presentation tool, so that they can better spend their time concentrating on the actual content of the presentation, letting the system take care of the design and effects.

Unlike some of the other presentation creators, these templates are thoughtfully categorized to make it easier for you to find the best fit for your presentation. Even though some categories only have one available color choice for that particular theme, there are still 34 themes to choose from.

Like Zoho, creating a presentation in Emaze pulls up a new tab to bring you to the workspace. Instead of the typical walk-through, Emaze uses animated arrows to show exactly where things are and what they do, which is a nice take on the general tutorial.

Because the templates are pre-conceived each new slide template already has a built in layout that only requires you to insert your desired graphics, video and text. Emaze has some cool features as well which include adding sections to your presentations and even adding effects to create motion to your objects.

Creating and editing your presentation with Emaze is rather simple and can be done relatively quickly if you know what you’re trying to achieve. Clicking on text will automatically open a text editor tool to allow you to change text sizes, color, as well as add effects.

There are some limitations to Emaze however. The preset font for your chosen template is the one you’re stick with, plus you have limited color palette to apply to your text. Also, as is often the case, free accounts are always publicly accessible. Not a big deal for many, but a consideration for some.


  • Automatic translation tool allows for your presentation to be seen by everyone
  • Multi-device compatibility lets you view and edit your work no matter where you are
  • 3D effects can be added to your elements
  • Share and download your presentations
  • Cloud based and HTML5 enabled to allow for seamless and efficient workflow
  • A variety of pre-designed sofisticated and simple templates
Interested ?  emaze.com

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