Unboxing the Apple iPad Mini 4

Our iPad mini 4 just arrived at PC Labs, and we got the chance to take an early look at Apple's latest small tablet.

As you can see in the video, the box includes an iPad mini 4 and accompanying instructions, along with a Lightning cable and USB power adapter. The tablet looks nearly identical to the iPad mini 3£264.00 at Amazon (Apple even shot us the same color as last year's review unit, white and gold).

The iPad mini 4 has the internals of an iPad Air 2. For example, the A8 chipset will help power the Split View multi-tasking feature in iOS 9, which comes pre-loaded on the iPad mini 4.

Apple claims that mini 4 is 30 percent faster in computing tasks and 60 percent quicker in graphics than its predecessor, which is pretty significant. The new iPad mini 4 also comes with 2GB of RAM—a first for Apple, as its iPad mini models have typically held 1GB of RAM.

The iPad mini 4's rear-facing camera has also been upgraded from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels. The front-facing cameras remain the same at 1.2 megapixels for FaceTime. Both iPad mini models' cameras have iSight technology and can record video in 1080p.

Although the iPad mini 4 looks nearly identical to the iPad mini 3, but there are a few key differences in its form factor. Apple has slimmed the iPad mini 4 down from 7.5mm to 6.1mm (not an insignificant difference), and the iPad mini 4 now weighs 0.65 to 0.67 pounds to the iPad mini 3's weight range of 0.73 to 0.75 pounds.

There are many similarities between the two iPad generations. For one, the screen is still a Retina IPS LCD display with a 2,048-by-1,536 resolution at 326 ppi, so Apple hasn't really improved the display on the iPad mini 4. You also get the Touch ID fingerprint scanner from the iPad mini 3.

The big question, though, is if the iPad mini 4 is worth the $399 price tag. We just started testing it.

Source: pcmag.com
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