Super Mario Turns 30, Is Rewarded With World's Lamest Google Easter Egg

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, chances are you spent hours upon hours stomping goombas and battling fearsome lizard kings instead of developing vital in-person social skills.

Well, get out your party hats because the somewhat ethnically offensive Super Mario (and his brother Super Luigi) just celebrated a big milestone.

That's right, Super Mario Bros is 30. While Mario appeared in earlier video games such as Donkey Kong, it wasn't until Sept. 13, 1985 that Nintendo released Super Mario Bros., which would go on to reshape the previously (sometimes painfully) minimalist video game landscape. The game was first released for the "Family Computer" or Famicom in Japan, but most people in the U.S. know it as the standard bearer of the smash hit NES system.

Super Mario Bros. became an icon for those who grew up around the Gen-X/Millenial divide. Find a stranger on the street in their mid-30s ask them if they know the secret portal in World 1-1 that would allow you to skip ahead through most of the game. Chances are they'll know the answer and you'll have made a new friend.

In honor of the game to which so many sacrificed their precious youth, Google created an Easter Egg, according to Kotaku, because of course it did. Here's how to find it.

First, turn up your speakers and if you're at work, warn your nearby co-workers that you are going to be very annoying for the next few minutes. Next, go to Google and search "Super Mario Bros" (or alternatively "Super Mario Brothers") and Google will return an info card on the right-hand side with a familiar glowing question box (see above). Click that box!

Coins! Everyone loves coins! Keep on clicking and when you get to 100 you'll get the familiar "1-Up" sound! Yay!

Yeah, it's kinda lame and Mario probably deserves better, but what are you gonna do? Apparently Microsoft had a far more involved Easter Egg on its site, but it no longer seems to work.

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